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With the slogan "Luxury yet Affordable," best on the map, even better on the ground, a big real estate market entry is being made by Nova City.

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If you want to live in a place where you can live, work, and buy all at the same time, this is the optimal choice. The beautiful flats offer all modern amenities at reasonable prices, and if you want to run your own office that provides services throughout the country and even beyond, nothing beats Nova One Lahore.


Near Kalma Chowk and Ferozepur Road, Nova developers constructed the hybrid high-rise structure known as “nova one”. The project includes housing, workplaces, and retail all under one roof.

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Nova one

Developers and Owners of Nova One Lahore

Nova developers who previously created world-class real estates development such as Nova City Islamabad and Nova City Peshawar developed Nova One Lahore. These developers are well known in Pakistan’s real estate market.

An Italian company “Casamonati” designed Nova One Lahore. It is an architecture company that offers cutting-edge services to real estate marketing. With the top real estate development in Beijing, China, the company has a lot of popularity both nationally and internationally.

The following are some of Nova Group Pvt. Ltd’s. projects:

  • Nova One Lahore.
  • Nova City, Islamabad.
  • Nova City Peshawar.

NOC of Nova One Lahore

The NOC of Nova One Lahore is currently being processed with Lahore Development Authorities. The chances of a project being completed and delivered to investors are better for initiatives that have been approved and legally permitted.

Location of Nova One Lahore

The location of Nova One Lahore is close to Kalam Chowk and Ferozepur Road. This is a fact that any real estate project’s location will undoubtedly affect its success.  The success of any real estate project is clearly influenced by its location. In order to be successful and easily accessible, the developers choose the best and prime location for this project.

Accessibilities Of Nova One

Landmarks and Places Nearby Nova One

Nova one is an easily accessible project.

Nova One Lahore is accessible in the following ways;

  • * Situated near Ferozebad Road
  • * It can take 11 mins to drive from Canal Road
  • * It can take 11 mins to drive from Walton Road
  • * It is almost 23 mins drive away from L-20(Lahore Ring Road)
  • * It can take 11 mins to drive from Allama Iqbal International Airport

There are the following places and landmarks near Nova One Lahore;

  • * Model Town
  • * Packages Mall
  • * Ferozepur Road
  • * Qazafi Stadium
  • * Kalma Chowk
  • * Walton Airport
  • * Model Town Park
  • * Gulab Devi Chest Hospital
  • * Allama Iqbal International Airport

Master Plans Of Nova One Lahore

The careful design of Nova One Lahore will go above and beyond your expectations. This is a top-notch Lahore construction with excellent residential, investment, and commercial prospects. An architect from Italy created the project plan for Nova city. With its Italian-style front, luxurious interiors, and premium floor plans, this location is all ready to offer something exceptional.


In order to build Nova One, an authorized 18 Kanal land piece has been bought. However, this project will feature 40 to 60 floors, making it the highest structure in Lahore. This is a very fancy place to live, with top-rating facilities, connectivity, and stunning city views among other things. You can reserve your plot here today.

Payment Plan Of Nova One Lahore

Nova One Lahore offers you the best platform to live the fancy lifestyle which you looked for, in a good and affordable manner. You may live comfortably and enjoy affluent life while still having access to all the conveniences. The high standard and unique building approach of this project make it a highly recommended investment. In a nutshell, it represents a new beginning where you may enjoy a luxurious lifestyle in the busy Lahore region.

Floor Plans of Nova One Lahore

The 45-floor plans of Nova One Lahore were created and constructed with the highest level of quality. The corporation has included all the cutting-edge traits.

The floors are quite opulent and provide amenities that correspond to top-notch infrastructure development. The three business’s basement parking could hold over 500 cars which is an incredible fact. The structure will have features to withstand severe weather conditions and earthquakes.

The following types of properties are offered in Nova One Lahore;

  • * Corporate Offices (three floors-3)
  • * Residential Apartments (thirty-nine floors-39)
  • * Commercial Shops (three floors-3)

Amenities and Facilities

The Nova One Lahore offers all the trendy and modish facilities on a friendly budget. The facilities are a part of any luxury and modern residential project which can complete the real meaning of the residential project.

The developers have great attention to greenery and parks for both the kids and adults. They have reserved a huge area for this purpose. We can say that Nova One Lahore is the most modish project with luxurious facilities.

The following are the facilities that Nova One Lahore is providing to its residents;

Friendly Environment

The project will offer a modern, environmentally, and natural lifestyle with all the conveniences. The closeness to nature will create a one-of-a-kind experience not found in other projects.

Secure Property Project

For a home project, safety is essential. The developers offer complete security (24/7) with a proper security system such as CCTV cameras and other surveillance devices that is expertly placed. In order to guarantee a high level of safety, the project will also be enclosed by a boundary wall with a failsafe system.

Business and Commercial Hub

The developers have satisfied all of the residential needs as well as commercial and economic ones. The citizens may satisfy all their commercial demands right here in these regions, all without leaving the project.

Aquatic Resources

The project has given proper attention to the water requirements of the locals. Water reservoirs will be built for the purpose of storage of a huge volume of water for citizens to use for everyday activities. The project will also include filtering plants to provide pure drinking water.

High-Quality Roads

To guarantee healthy growth and development, the construction of roads and other infrastructure is done with sophisticated machinery and expertise. The main avenue and the streets are broad and roomy enough to project a lovely appearance.

Balloting in Nova City, Islamabad

  • Voting is essential to the growth of a housing project and to client happiness. It is true that the project’s creators and owners have reached a significant milestone. In Nova City Islamabad, the voting for plots took place in two stages as follows:
    * On March 23, 2022, the management of Nova City Islamabad conducted the first vote.
    * Nova City Islamabad’s second election will shortly be held.

Features of NOVA ONE

In Lahore, Nova 1 Lahore is a well-known high-rise business, and residential building, similar to Nova City Islamabad which has a lot to offer. This development is a wonderful addition to the Lahore real estate market, which offers amazing possibilities for residential, commercial, and business properties. Everything was designed with consideration for the general public’s worries, expectations for modern living, and living standards.

  • * Outstanding Entrance
  • * An Italian-style building
  • * Accessibility
  • * Affordable rates
  • * Bounded by walls
  • * Security is available 24/7
  • * Eco-friendly Environment
  • * Availability of Gym
  • * Grand Mosque
  • * Lavish Elevators
  • * Luxury Apartments
  • * Lavish Hotel
  • * Good Development
  • * Subterranean Electrification
  • * The System of sewerage and waste disposal
  • * Outdoor and indoor sports facilities
  • * Medical facilities are available such as clinics, hospitals, and dispensaries
  • * Development of World-class infrastructure

Steps to Follow while purchasing/sale of plots

Following are the steps you must need to follow while going to purchase or sell the plot;

Documentation Verification

To avoid any misunderstandings or confusion, please always make sure to thoroughly check all the documents. Before buying any property, always ask about the NOC and approval documents from the developers that have been properly approved by the authorities.

Financial Security

Please confirm that your finances and your buying plan are in line before finalizing any lease or buying of the property. Your purchase or sale will be completed successfully in this way.

Property Visits

Visit the site before making any purchases and after ensuring the legitimacy of the documents.

Documents Required for Reservation

The following papers are needed to purchase property in Nova One Lahore:

  • * Two passport-sized photos
  • * NICOP for clients from abroad
  • * Your National Identity Card in two copies
  • * Two copies of your next-of-identification kin’s card

Advantages of Real Estate Investment

The most growing industry is real estate investing in today’s world. This is a result of its outstanding investment return potential. But it’s important to remember that it will only be successful if done correctly. Investing in the real estate business can lead to a variety of advantages.


The given below are some of the primary advantages


Financial Security

The real estate market is the market that can maintain the worth of an investment high and protect it from decreasing if a person has some excess money or some assets and wants to maintain the worth of such assets at a high level.


Stable Income

An individual can easily acquire a reliable income by investing in real estate. A property could be bought, developed, or purchased already developed or constructed property, then charge it out on a monthly or yearly basis. Additionally, the rent goes up by certain and several amounts per year, so it is fair to claim that it is improving rather than remaining unchanged.



An investment is not a vital entity that requires daily maintenance once it is completed. The most you will have to do is occasionally check on your land to make sure encroachers don't take possession of it.


Non-depreciable Asset

A properly executed real estate investment strategy is a type of business that will never lose value. The value of the real estate may increase per year. Additionally, if a huge public or private project is launched nearby, its value may increase significantly.


Passive Income

Rent could be a source of passive income once someone has invested in real estate. Investors purchase built real estate or develop undeveloped land, then rent it out to generate income continuously throughout the year.

Reservation Process for Nova One Lahore

The reservation process is as easy as it can be. All you need to do is follow the instructions listed below:

  • * Give your reservation application form your complete attention.
  • * Include a copy of the candidate’s CNIC.
  • * You can pay a deposit with a cheque or money order made out to “Nova One Lahore,” however, you should check the management procedure in case there are any updates.
  • * Cash payments are also accepted with management approval.
  • * Submit the essential documents, make the payment, and obtain a receipt.



  • * A calm, healthy, and secure setting
  • * CCTV cameras, tracking systems, and guards
  • * Incredibly close to the city center and other projects
  • * Security services
  • * 24/7 water
  • * Nonstop electricity
  • * Price perception


The investment potential is quite significant because of the new approach, the superb setting, and global structural goals. Due to its distinctive architectural design, luxurious interiors, and first-rate amenities, this property stands out above other Lahore real estate developments. The property’s appealing surroundings and nearby attractions increase its worth and tempt potential buyers to take part in this endeavor, which is a representation of excellence, favorable circumstances, and quality.

A really unique setting where living is paired with elegance and luxury is Nova One Lahore, where you can begin a new chapter in your life. The best living environment has been developed by carefully considering each and every component.

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