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Nova City , Peshawar

With the slogan "Luxury yet Affordable," best on the map, even better on the ground, a big real estate market entry is being made by Nova City.

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Welcome To Nova City Peshawar

One of Peshawar's most well-liked projects at the moment is Nova City. Due to a variety of factors, investors are actually quite interested in and investing in this. NCP was established in response to the interest investors expressed in Nova City Islamabad. Additionally, NCP's primary
goal is to offer investors the best residential and commercial opportunities. Investors are becoming interested in it because of its
fantastic location and infrastructure. Additionally, NCP is not only drawing interest from Pakistanis living there, but also from Pakistanis living abroad. International standards are met by the amenities and facilities promised and offered. Additionally, NCP is one of those investment societies that was created in accordance with modern and contemporary requirements.

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It is not necessary to introduce Nova City Peshawar Owners & Developers because they have a respectable name in the real estate and construction industries and are not new to the market. The company responsible for the launch of high-end real estate projects in Pakistan such as Nova City Islamabad, Nova One, Nova City School, and New City Wah Cantt is known as Nova Developers.

This society will be built in accordance with international living standards, according to the owners and developers. The goal of their efforts is to make Nova City Peshawar the greatest place to live and invest. Nova Pk. LTD is a non-government organizational company that was established in 1997. The founder and the current CEO of the development group are Mr. Chaudhry Junaid Afzal.

In the real estate sector, Nova Developers has 25 years of extensive and promising experience. In the past twenty years, they have created
numerous noteworthy projects. The development team has a clear aim to build a project with all the newest amenities and comforts at the most competitive pricing on the market. The company earns $269.4 million in revenue annually and employs more than 500 people nationwide.


Since Nova city Peshawar recently initiated a project, its NOC has not yet been approved. To ensure a quick approval process, the developer has submitted all the required and important documents and paperwork to get immediate approval. Property insights report that Nova City Peshawar NOC will soon be approved. The management of the society has already applied to the relevant authorities to obtain NOC.

The residential plan for Nova City Islamabad is now being accepted and authorized. With all the most lavish facilities available at a good and reasonable price, the Nova developers plan to establish the society soon. Although it has not been formally constructed yet, reports indicate that will be soon.


Nova City Peshawar is situated in a very significant and prominent area. It exists alongside the Charsada Interchange. NCP is along with M1 which connects it to the cities. Peshawar and Charsada are quite close to NCP. Nova City Peshawar is more appealing to investors and property owners because of its convenient location and eases to access.


The most effective and well-known real estate names are behind the development and the ownership of Nova City Peshawar’s master plan. Furthermore, world-class architects and engineers are responsible for the design and development of NCP. First of all, NCP infrastructure standards are compliant with both national and international norms. Secondly, NCP aspires to be ideal for its inhabitants. Additionally, Nova developers aim to offer the highest level of comfort and living standards to their investors. The objective is to uphold standards that are in with both the Pakistani and world-class infrastructure.

Nova City Peshawar also seeks to maintain stability between aspects such as cost, elegance, comfort, and sustainability. Additionally, this investing society’s mission is to give protection and safety to the individual. The essential factor is that investors can invest money without any concern. The developers acquired the NOC primarily for this reason. NCP is a legitimate society with objectives for long-term sustainability.


The cities listed below are also quite close to NCP, along with travel times to those cities:
* Located next to the M1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
* It takes almost 5 mins to drive away from DHQ Hospital Road
* Almost 7 mins away from Mardan Road

* Almost 12 mins away from Charsada City
* Almost 13 mins away from Charsada Road
* Almost 15 mins away from Bacha Khan University
* Almost 19 mins away from Peshawar City
* Almost 19 min away from N-5/G. T Road
* Almost 19 min away from Peshawar Northern Bypass
* Almost 23 min away from Mardan City
* Almost 23 min away from Peshawar Ring Road
* Almost 25 min away from Risalpur City
* Almost 36 min away from Nowshera City
* Almost 51 min away from Bacha Khan International Airport



The following are some of the nearby landmarks and places near the
* M-1 Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway
* N-5 National Highway
* Peshawar
* Charsadda
* Mardan
* Risalpur
* Nowshera
* Risalpur Airbase
* Charsadda Cemetery
* Bacha Khan University
* Paradise City Nowshera
* Bacha Khan International Airport

In this housing society, there are the following plots that are available.
* 3.5 Marla (100 Square Yards)
* 5 Marla ( 150 square yards)
* 7 Marla (210 square yards)
* 10 Marla (300 square yards)
* 1 Kanal (600 square yards)



The investor’s comfort is carefully considered in the development of
Nova City Peshawar. The society offered a 1-year payment plan with 40
monthly installments and half-yearly installments as part of its pre-launch society. Many investments in KPK and all over the country are inspired by the flexible payment plan.


The terms and conditions for the Nova City Peshawar Payment plan are
as follows:
* In the payment schedule, non-category plots are sold.
* There will be a 10% fee for category plots.
* Prices are capable to change without any prior notice at any time.
* Payments for each month are due on the 10th of the month.
* The current costs include development fees.
* Create a check or DD payable to ‘Nova City Developers’
* A 10% confirmation fee must be paid after making the reservation.


Nova City Peshawar’s facilities and amenities are modern, in keeping with today’s way of life. All modern necessities for a lavish and pleasant lifestyle are provided by the residential society. The developers hope to offer a high-quality, environmentally responsible way of life. For this reason, a huge section was set aside for the main theme park, where both children and adults could enjoy their time and
nourish their minds.

Environmentally Friendly

Grand Mosque

In the most productive sites, the developers have chosen a green
ecological setting. Many foreign investors come here because of the peaceful and environmentally favorable surroundings.

Gated Community

Nova City Peshawar is a gated community that is guarded round the clock. The standard of a housing society is raised by it being a gated community. The developers do not compromise the security of the
future occupants. A boundary wall guards society’s boundaries to maintain the highest level of security possible.

Water Supplies

The residential society’s founders have been closely monitoring the vital water resources for the housing society. Numerous water filtration facilities are anticipated to be built in Nova City, Peshawar so that future
occupants of the housing society would have access to clean water.


One of the most critical features of a successful housing society is this.
An effective infrastructure adds value to the business. Nova City enlisted
the greatest architectural team to guarantee the best layout. The architects have ensured that the building meets international standards
and offers top-notch services.

Business Centers

To help the people satisfy their business needs, the developers and owners are also building business facilities. Within a 5-minute walk, we promise that you will be able to buy anything you desire.

Another lovely addition to meet spiritual requirements is the Grand Mosque. Its architecture, both contemporary and Holy, is relaxing and spiritual. The Jamia Masjid is undergoing fast expansion.

Educational Complexes

Education is one of life’s most essential and fundamental needs. The owners of the society paid special attention to educational goals. The developer of Nova City Peshawar intends to build educational complexes that meet international standards. The prospect of living in a residential community could lead to excellent educational opportunities.

Basic Services

The residents of Nova City will have access to the top amenities of modern residential society. The availability of essential services like electricity, water, gas, etc. would be available around the clock. Plus, you
won’t pay a fortune despite having such lavish amenities.

Beautiful/Smooth Roads

The best society would be incomplete without smooth, wide, and carpeted roads, despite the fact that economic outlets are crucial. To guarantee that you have a pleasurable driving experience, Nova City
Peshawar’s roadways have been expertly built.

Medical Complexes

The construction of healthcare facilities is a top priority for residential society developers. In order to accomplish this, they have built hospitals
and clinics that meet worldwide standards. Emergency situations will be
handled by groups of skilled doctors who have undergone extensive training. The emergency rooms will operate 24/7.


The following are the key characteristics of residential society:

* Inexpensive
* Elegant Entry Gate
* Grand Mosque
* Water supplies
* The complexity of Education
* Ease of Access
* Security is available 24/7
* Maintenance
* Protected by wall
* Gated Community

* Good Development
* Gas, Electricity, and Water
* Subterranean Electrification
* System of sewerage and waste disposal
* Development of the world-class Infrastructure
* Indoor and Outdoor sports facilities are available
* Hospitals, Dispensaries, and Clinics provide medical services
* High-speed Internet
* Walking and Jogging Tracks
* Street Lights


A residential society’s voting process is an essential development phase. Nova City Peshawar is taking all the necessary steps to ensure early settlement and the development of society. The results of the most recent voting at Nova City Peshawar, which was conducted against multiple plots, have recently been made by the public. For Phase 1, the housing society’s Pakhtunkhwa Enclave’s new name, voting information was released. Residential plots with the size of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal are included in Phase 1. On March 20, 2020 the residential society’s owners held its first balloting, to which all of the official members were invited. The residential society’s official Facebook page posted the results.


Since it is exclusive and has a small selection the Nova City Peshawar booking form has sparked controversy. The Nova City Peshawar booking form was initially exclusively accessible through banks, but it is now widely distributed by numerous real estate firms.
The banks which are providing the booking forms for Nova City
Peshawar are:

* HBL (Habib Bank Pvt Ltd)
* JS Bank
* BOK (The Bank of Khyber)


Nova City Peshawar is undergoing rapid growth. The residential society’s phase 1 development is almost all finished. Phase II of the housing
societies has also been declared by the authorities.


Real estate is one of the most growing industries. This is due to its great potential for investment return. But it’s important to remember that it
will only be successful if done correctly. Investing in the real estate sector can lead to a variety of advantages. Several of them are given below;

1.Financial stability

The real estate industry is the industry that can maintain a high value of the investment if a person has some spare money or any asset and wants to keep the value of that asset high.

2. Consistent Income

Investing in real estate enables one to swiftly produce a reliable income. One could purchase a property, construct it, or purchase a developed property, then rent it out on a monthly or yearly basis. It is also reasonable to say that the rent is increasing rather than staying the same because it increases by a specific amount every year.

3. Easily Manageable

Once an investment is completed, it’s not like a live organism that needs daily attention. The least you’ll need to do is keep checking on your property to make sure encroaches don’t take it.

4. Passive income

Rent is one form of passive income that may be produced after a real estate investment. Investors purchase developed real estate or open land, develop it, and then rent it out, continuously providing a consistent stream of income throughout the year.

5. An asset with no depreciation

A properly executed real estate investment strategy is a business that will never lose value. The value of the real estate increases annually. Additionally, if a huge public or private enterprise is launched nearby, the value can rise.

Why invest in Nova City Peshawar?

For investors in Peshawar and KPK, Nova City Peshawar represents a jackpot at the moment. Just a few days after its release, the residential project made an extraordinary impression on the real estate market, drawing lots of investors. This housing development has many attributes that make it a suitable investment choice, including its desirable location and flexible payment schedule.

Investing in NCP makes sense for numerous reasons. First of all, Nova City Peshawar is situated in a very desirable and practical area. Second, it offers a great return on investment and the most investment prospects. Nova City is also a legitimate society having a NOC from the relevant authorities. Nova City offers contemporary amenities and facilities in addition to these factors.

The primary objective of NCP is to offer the investor a secure investment, as well. NCP offers the most lucrative investments to the public. Additionally, its quality and infrastructure attract property investors. Pakistanis living outside of Pakistan have their needs met by the special overseas blocks.

Investing in Nova City Peshawar is a great idea for the reasons listed below

* Project Approved by NOC
* Multiple Real Estate Options
* Exceptional Level of Security
* Provision of Essential Services
* Stylish and Modern Amenities
* Investment Opportunity without Risk
* Affordable and Practical Payment Strategy
* based on international infrastructure standards
* the Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway’s premier location (M-I)
* Accessibility from Peshawar Ring Road and Charsadda City

The Booking Process for Peshawar's Nova City

The steps to take in order to book a plot in Nova City Peshawar are as follows:
* Visit the local Office.
* Complete the booking application form completely.
* Attach copies of your CNIC.
* Pay the deposit using a check or a pay order.
* After receiving management approval, cash payments are also accepted.

Documents Required for Nova City Peshawar

The documents needed to purchase a plot at Nova City Peshawar are
listed below:
* two photos in passport size
* NICOP for clients from abroad
* Two copies of your next-of-identification kin’s card
* Your National Identity Card in two copies (NIC)



* 24/7 water
* nonstop electricity
* 24/7 gas
* Theme Parks and Recreational Locations
* grocery stores, malls, and shopping centers
* a calm, healthy, and secure setting
* A gated community with security gates, CCTV cameras, and guards is
* Extremely close to major cities and other societies
* The broad, thoughtfully designed main boulevard, as well as the
* streets, lanes, and pedestrian walkways
* logically designed drainage and garbage removal systems
* Housing society that is sustainable, inventive, and green
* security services
* Solid waste disposal mechanism

* Price perception



The market’s leading construction company created Nova City Peshawar as a well-thought-out and reliable investment opportunity. A gated community with 24-hour security surrounds the housing society. The amenities are the world’s best and the location is fantastic. Society has educational facilities that meet international standards, 24-hour hospitals, water, and energy restoration facilities.

The M-1 highway runs alongside NCP and connects it to Peshawar and Charsadda. Additionally, it is adjacent to the Charsadda interchange, which emphasizes the significance of its location. NCP is a very well-liked and funded project among Pakistani real estate investors. The primary goal of NCP is to offer people sustainable residential and commercial plots at reasonable prices. Finally, it offers the most cutting-edge services and facilities the investors. These are the factors that increase the allure of NCP to investors.

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