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Nova City , Islamabad

With the slogan "Luxury yet Affordable," best on the map, even better on the ground, a big real estate market entry is being made by Nova City.

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Welcome To Nova City Islamabad

On the M-14 Motorway, next to the Islamabad International Airport, is a housing development called Nova City Islamabad that was officially approved by the government. In order to provide the best housing facilities at reasonable prices, the project was created, planned, and developed. Investors have confidence in the well-known real estate developer, The Nova Group.
It has already been established that Islamabad's Nova City is the best home development for both living and investing. The housing society not only represents luxurious living at affordable prices but also a safe place to live. The residential community of Nova City is ideal for accommodating your housing needs.

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Nova City

The development of Nova City Islamabad by Nova Group was done in accordance with all applicable international infrastructure development standards. The
developer of Nova City Islamabad had high hopes for this community to become Pakistan’s premier housing development. The project is currently one of Islamabad’s best housing developments. The best housing society in Islamabad for investments, according to investors, is Nova City.

The chairman and owner of the Nova Group are Mr. Chaudhary Junaid Afzal. He is a renowned property developer in Pakistan's real estate market. He is a renowned property developer in Pakistan’s real estate market. The main goal of Mr. Chaudhry Junaid Afzal is to provide the best living options at reasonable prices to all parts of society. In order to keep the project affordable for investors, he continues to take the rising cost of living into account. The ability of the Nova Group to complete real estate projects on time is one of its strengths.

To complete the projects on time, professional staff of architects, town planners, engineers, and other specialized staff work around the clock. The team was specially selected since its members have years of expertise in property development at the national and international levels and hold the highest levels of qualification. Another outstanding illustration of their commitment and devotion to their work is Nova City.

The following are some of Nova Group Pvt. Ltd’s. projects:

  • Nova One Lahore.
  • Nova City, Islamabad.
  • Nova City Peshawar.

Nova City, Islamabad NOC

The NOC is the most significant of all the characteristics that make a modern housing society stand on its own. Even non-investors in real estate question if the housing society has a no-objection certificate. After all the excitement surrounding this project, Nova City Islamabad NOC raised red flags.

Let’s fix things up for you.
The Nova City Islamabad No Objection Certificate (NOC) is officially approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA) Fateh Jhang and the Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA) under letter No. PHATA/W-I/PHS/2021/690. Projects that have been approved and made legal have better chances of growth and investment.

Nova City, Islamabad Location

Near the Islamabad International Airport, on the M-14, is where you’ll find Nova City Islamabad. The finest real estate investment in Islamabad for investors is Nova City due to its excellent location. Because it is situated in one of the nicest areas of the Twin Cities, the Nova City Islamabad map is simple to navigate. It is also close to the Rawalpindi Ring Road and the CPEC route (RRR). The fact that there are multiple paths to the ideal society proves that it is indeed perfect in every way.

It takes only a short drive to go to the New Islamabad International Airport as well. It is quite profitable for frequent travelers because of the airport’s accessibility. The businesses that want to be close to transportation and communication hubs will benefit from Nova City.

Because of its geographic location, there are three dams close to Nova City, Islamabad.

  • Kasana Dam.
  • Sapiala Dam.
  • Rama Dam.

The stunning Kheri Moorat National Park, which spans about 8600 acres, is another beauty of its location. All of these characteristics increase the significance of residential society.

Master Plan for Nova City, Islamabad

The master plan for Nova City Islamabad includes a variety of amenities and services. Since the concept was designed to be developed to meet international standards, the society is ideal for habitation. It is the greatest area to reside in Islamabad due to the amenities like affordability, ideal location, security, eco-friendly, and a tranquil environment.
Due to previously completed projects that satisfied all the criteria and were developed by the developers, investors have a high level of trust in them. Visit the

official website for Nova City Islamabad if you have any questions about the residential plots there. Reviews of Nova City Islamabad are favorable because the
developers did everything possible to make it a successful housing project. The proprietor of Nova City Islamabad has changed the community from a desolate plot of land to a gorgeous and cutting-edge housing community that is ready to support a modern way of life in a couple of months. Both locals and visitors are warmly welcomed by the 400-foot central boulevard. The 35 miles of trails and over 500 hectares of Central Park are ideal for leading a healthy lifestyle. The eco-friendly characteristics are ideal for today’s lifestyle.

Nova City Islamabad, Nearby Landmarks & Places

Accessibility features of Nova City, Islamabad

The following landmarks and locations close to Nova City make it one of the most sought-after destinations for housing society:

  • * Attock
  • * N-80
  • * Top City-1
  • * Rawalpindi
  • * Islamabad
  • * Fateh Jhang,
  • * CPEC route
  • * M2 Motorway
  • * Mumtaz City
  • * Capital Smart City
  • * Rawalpindi Ring Road.
  • * CPEC-Ring Road Interchange
  • * Islamabad International Airport

The project at Nova City Islamabad is quite accessible. The following methods are available to go to Nova City:

* Close to the CPEC route
The Rawalpindi Ring Road is nearby.
The CPEC-Ring Road Interchange is nearby.
Nearly 4 minutes by car to get to.
Bango is about a 7-minute drive away.
Nearly 11 minutes by car to get to Dhok Korak.
Qutbal is around a nine-minute drive from the N-80.
Nearly 26 minutes by car to get reach M-2 Motorway.
It takes nearly 27 minutes by car to get to Islamabad
Nearly 32 minutes by car from Rawalpindi
Nearly 22 minutes by car will get you to Islamabad International Airport.

Residential Plots of Nova City Islamabad

E-Sports Block of Nova City, Islamabad

Nova City is offering a variety of residential plots for sale in various sizes, including the following:

3.5 Marla
5 Marla
8 Marla
10 Marla
14 Marla
1 Kanal

Commercial Plots of Nova City, Islamabad

It has created the health-focused E-sports Block because Nova City Esports Block places a high priority on safety and health requirements. It has all the sports facilities required to protect the locals against illnesses and other conditions that could develop from a lack of physical activity.
The following sizes of residential plots are also available for purchase on this block:

* 8 Marla
14 Marla

The Farmhouses of Nova City Islamabad

The following are some of the commercial plots that The Nova City is providing for investment in various sizes:
* 4 Marla
* 8 Marla


In contrast to any other part of the residential society, the farmhouses in Islamabad’s Nova City housing complex are created with a close relationship to nature in mind.
The available plot sizes range as follows:
* 2 Kanal
* 4 Kanal

Villas of Nova City, Islamabad

The Villas in Islamabad's Nova City housing society were created, constructed, and developed to provide a smart living environment unlike anything else in the residential society.
The available villa sizes come in a variety of arrangements, including:

* 3.5 Marla
* 5 Marla

Pueblo Block of Nova City Islamabad

Another residential building created with a specific purpose in mind to provide one-
of-a-kind perks in a variety of ways is The Pueblo Block Nova City Islamabad.
The following are available home plots in Pueblo Block that come in various sizes:

* 3.5 Marla ®
* 4 Marla ©
* 8 Marla

Overseas Block of Nova City, Islamabad

The society has begun construction on a new block in order to meet the needs of international customers. It is ideal for people who live abroad because it offers the same level of services at reasonable prices.
There are a few residential plots available in Overseas Block Nova City, Islamabad, and they come in the following sizes:
* 5 Marla (150 square yards)
* 10 Marla (300 square yards).
* 20 Marla (600 square yards).

Payment Plan of Nova City Islamabad

Do you want to purchase a plot in this housing society? The Nova City payment plan has been created for you by professionals. Nova City Islamabad payment plans are fairly inexpensive, with simple monthly arrangements. When compared to the lavish facilities, the plots for sale in Nova City are more
affordable. To provide investors with a simple investment opportunity in Islamabad, the management and developers have worked hard to keep the prices as low as possible.

Bank Voucher of Nova City Islamabad

To pay monthly installments, first, download the bank voucher by clicking on the voucher download option, then submit it along with the necessary documentation.

Verification Form of Nova City Islamabad

Please visit the website and follow the steps to access the Nova City Islamabad verification form. You can check the status of your membership file by entering the file registration number.

Application Form of Nova City Islamabad

The official management, website, or both allow you to submit an application forNova City Islamabad. But briefly, you would need to include the following paperwork with your application:

* Passport-size photographs
* copy of CNIC or passport
* Copies of NICOP
* Copy of payment receipt
* Screenshot of online payment slip

Things you need to know

To obtain a membership form for Nova City Islamabad, get in touch with the management.
* To obtain the Nova City Islamabad registration form, get in touch with the management.
* The official management might be contacted to obtain the Nova City Islamabad allotment certificate.
* The administration of Nova City Islamabad can be contacted to find out more about the plot transfer procedure.
* Visit the official website of Nova City Islamabad to learn more about the payment options for plots.
* You must get in touch with Nova City Islamabad’s official management if you wish to track your reservation.
* You must get in touch with Nova City Islamabad’s official management if you wish to track your reservation.

Balloting in Nova City, Islamabad

Voting is essential to the growth of a housing project and to client happiness. It is true that the project’s creators and owners have reached a significant milestone. In Nova City Islamabad, the voting for plots took place in two stages as follows:
* On March 23, 2022, the management of Nova City Islamabad conducted the first vote.
* Nova City Islamabad’s second election will shortly be held.

Features of Nova City Islamabad

The following are the salient features of Nova City Islamabad:

 * Shops
 * Affordability
 * Accessibility
 * 24/7 Security
 * Maintenance
 * Water Resources

* Eco-Community
* Beautiful Entrance
* Quality Development
* Water, Gas, Electricity
* Sewerage and Waste Disposal System
* World-Class Infrastructure Development

Facilities and Amenities

Nova City Islamabad offers modern facilities and conveniences at reasonable prices. The amenities are a component of any opulent modern multipurpose project, which is what is meant when a real estate project is considered to be complete.

Here are some of the amenities offered by Nova City Islamabad

Protected Project

For a project, there must be a sense of security. A security system with perfectly placed 24/7 CCTV cameras and other surveillance equipment offers total protection to the population. In order to ensure a high level of security, the project will also be encompassed by a boundary wall with an impenetrable system.


With all the modern conveniences, the project will offer an environmentally sustainable, close-to-nature lifestyle. The intimate proximity to nature would deliver an experience unlike any other in Pakistan.

Commercial & Business Hub

All commercial and economic requirements have been met by the developers. As a result, the project will provide a complete commercial space. The inhabitants can satisfy all the project's business needs from these locations.

Aquifer Resources

The project has considered the water requirements of the locals. A vast amount of water will be stored for this reason in water reservoirs that will be built, and the residents will use this water for daily tasks.

Faster with modern technology

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Friendly customer support

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Documents required for Nova City Islamabad

To purchase property in Nova City, Islamabad, the following documents are necessary:
* Two passport-size photo
* Two copies of the front and back of your ID card
* Two front and back copies of the I.D. card of your next kin
* Receipt of fees

Benefits of Nova City Islamabad

One of the most profitable markets is real estate investing. This is a result of its fantastic investment return potential. But it's important to remember that it will only be successful if done correctly. Investing in the real estate sector can lead to a
variety of advantages.
The following are some primary advantages:

Explore More

Benefits of Nova City Islamabad


Financial stability

The real estate industry is, in fact, the industry that can keep the value of investment high and not depreciate it if a person has some excess money or any item, and he wishes to maintain a high value for that asset.


Passive Income

After making an investment in real estate, passive income like rent may be produced. In order to provide a steady income stream throughout the year, investors buy built properties or develop vacant land.


Financial stability

The real estate industry is, in fact, the industry that can keep the value of investment high and not depreciate it if a person has some excess money or any item, and he wishes to maintain a high value for that asset.


Solid Income

Investing in real estate can provide a person with a stable income soon. It is possible to buy a piece of land, develop it, or buy a piece of land that has already been developed, then rent it out on a monthly or annual basis.



An investment doesn't require constant maintenance once it's finished; it's not like a living creature. The most you will need to do is occasionally check on your property to make sure it does not get into the hands of encroaches.


An asset with no Depreciation

Investment in real estate is a type of business that, when done properly, never loses value. The value of the real estate increases annually. Furthermore, if a sizable public or private project is launched nearby, the value could rise significantly.

Why Should one Invest in Nova City Islamabad?

There are numerous advantages to considering investing in Nova City Islamabad. The best investment opportunity in Islamabad is Nova City for any investor looking to put money into a successful project.
The following are some of the most compelling reasons to invest in Nova City Islamabad:

* Eco-friendly
* Affordable
* Outstanding place
* Large properties
* Opulent amenities
* Popular developer’s
* Development of global infrastructure



* a calm, healthy, and secure setting
* CCTV cameras, tracking systems, and guards
* incredibly close to the city center and other projects
* security services
* 24/7 water
* nonstop electricity
* 24/7 gas

* Price perception
* The mechanism for removing solid waste.




Nova City Islamabad Reservation Process

In order to avoid any confusion, we always urge our valued customers to ask management about the most recent booking procedures. The booking procedure is as simple as it gets.
All you need to do is adhere to the instructions listed below:
* Pay close attention to how you fill out the booking application.
* Please provide the applicant’s CNIC copies.
* Confirm the management procedure in case of any changes before making a down payment by check or money order payable to ‘Nova City  Islamabad’.
* Cash payments are allowed as well with management approval.
* Submit the necessary paperwork, make the payment, and obtain a receipt.’



The low prices and welcoming environment of Nova City Islamabad make it a potential location for investments. Investors who are interested in the Nova City
housing concept should be able to do so easily and start seeing rewards soon. The most recent Nova City updates indicate that due to rising demand, prices will quickly increase. Get your hands on the Nova City plots, then, for a tiny initial expenditure, and you could, later on, enjoy abnormal profits as a result of the price growth. Nova City would gain unheard-of benefits from the CPEC. Numerous housing societies were drawn to the area just by the opening of this route crossing from the Fateh Jang area. The rates of the already existing ones went up. Nova City Islamabad experienced a similar situation. Even though Nova City is still in the pre-launch phase because of its popularity, many people have already secured plots there.
When there is a water crisis, there is also a power shortage. Pakistan has, therefore, constructed a few tiny dams to address this. Rama Dam Fateh Jang is one of these dams. Due to the land being allocated to various housing developments, this dam is currently close to Nova City, Islamabad. In the future, Nova City may have access to this dam's water, which may be used for irrigation, drinking, and producing hydroelectric power. Therefore, there won’t be any water or power shortages for Nova City residents. In addition, the Sipala Dam is a second dam that is nearby to

Nova City. The presence of these dams enhances the region’s subsurface water level.

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