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If you are looking for investment opportunities in Pakistan, Invest247 has your back! Invest247 is a real estate marketing agency that has been in the industry for years. We come up with advanced strategies and tactics for marketing and stay up-to-date. We strive to maximize the benefits of our clients through exclusive marketing solutions. From commercial to residential projects, we are capable of dealing with all of them in the best possible way!
Invest247 also deals with valuable farmhouse-projects all over Pakistan. You no longer have to worry about investing in Pakistan despite your absence here as invest247 has quality services to offer its
overseas clients. We understand how hard it must be for all the investors out there to trust a real estate agency, which is exactly why we ensure 100% security and safety. We respect your privacy and keep all of our customer-data private.
It is extremely easy to partner with us in order to make an investment that you won’t ever regret. We have made it simple and easy to reach out to us, doesn’t matter what kind of property you’ve been looking for! Invest247 consists of a team of highly experienced and trained sale-agents who are familiar with every matter associated with real estate. In spite of having many competitors, Invest247 has gained immense popularity and respect in no time due to its quality services. Invest247 has all the important and mandatory services to provide its clients! It is more like an “All-in-one” platform!

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Why Choose Us

Invest247 is one of the best real estate marketing agencies in Pakistan that has clients from all over the world. It has ever been successful due to many qualities and services that it brings to the table.
Invest247’s number one priority is transparency and being honest with all of its local and international
clients. From pros to cons, we put everything in front of our valuable clients and let them decide what might work the best for them.
The security and safety of our clients is something we never compromise on! Whatever you trust us with stays with us no matter what! We understand all of your fears related to your privacy and offer 100%
security so that you’re able to count on us completely. Invest247 has been in the industry for quite a long time now and knows exactly how to help his clients with anything. We have dealt with local and international clients both and have always been proven deserving in general!
Our team is full of experts who specialize in sales and marketing. They are aware of the world’s happenings related to the industry. All of them are experienced and have the ability to provide you with
the best marketing solutions ever! We work on different projects and are flexible enough to deal with different clients simultaneously. We stick to our words and respect our commitments!


Invest247 was built with the vision of taking Pakistan’s real estate market to the top. We have always worked on coming up with exclusive and advanced marketing solutions. We have always strived to be counted in the list of the best real estate marketing agencies of Pakistan and have surely made our way to it! Our entire team has burnt midnight oil to bring the company where it is right now and there surely is a long way to go! We build partnerships based on trust, transparency and pellucidity. We will never compromise on our principles and will always stay committed to them!

Our Mission

The entire goal of Invest247 is to keep its clients satisfied! We intend to keep introducing new and advanced marketing solutions and techniques to our clients in order to meet their expectations. We have always focused on self-improvement and getting a little better every day. We will always be providing our local and international clients with quality services and will keep on bringing investment opportunities to their table to make their life a bit easier! Invest247 has also been working on creating job opportunities for people in Pakistan to get rid of unemployment.

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Investment Advisory

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Co-Founder & President
Raja Bilal Khan
Raja Umar
Usman Ahmed
Director Sales
Sameed Akbar
General Manager
Waleed Akbar
Head Of Operations
Sikandar Khan
Sales Executive
Rimsha Khan
Sales Executive
Shaban Ghalib
Sales Executive
Ashir Bhatti
Graphic Designer
Mohsin Ali
HR Manager
Khizra Shaista
Office Manager

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